Intel have sensibly standardised the area around the tiny socket and physically closed it off using the heatsink mounting assembly. As expected, with all other things static and the FSB increasing, we see the expected score increase of points. Turn on, start the setup from the BIOS. With the adjustable Vdimm up to 3. I’ve been keen to look at other options for the P4 since my first taste of the platform with the MSI Pro5, another i board. This allows you to get away with not needing a proper P4 compatible PSU for that connector and just use a spare molex.

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Personal preference dictates that a top edge placement is best for me, however anywhere near the asus p4b extremities isn’t a bad thing.

Every is as it should be in that respect. Conclusion So have Asus p4b done what every motherboard manufacturer assu to do and create the best product they can from the chipsets they have available?

asus p4b The Asus p4b 4 Turns Two! Asus have also implemented a boot monitoring system like Epox’s little 2-digit display and the cool D-Bracket from MSI. Last of all asus p4b extra power connectors and the ATX supply. It’s also based on a now shipping game engine in MaxFX. When it comes to performance, ASUS motherboards tend to perform better than most other boards.

You can see why memory bandwidth plays such an important part in the fastest systems. Asus p4b isn’t the main driver for someone looking for a performance system however. Easy to find the information you need and has excellent section on fitting devices and the CPU and heatsink. As expected, with all other things static and the FSB increasing, we see the expected score increase of points. Layout and bundle are both fine with no problems at all.


Review: Asus P4B – Mainboard –

Chipset Features Before we asis what Asus have done with the platform, lets take a look at the chipset itself. Asus call this EZPlug. Roll on iD and an updated P4B. Asus also provide software to change the voices spoken on the errors. Get Our Best Stories!

The Pentium 4 processor likes memory bandwidth. Quite a few choices for asus p4b P4 buying asus p4b.

Lastly in the layout, dotted around the board Installation was painless. Another super stable board from Asus with their usual quality mark all over it. Remove the previous motherboard, screw in the Asus ram and CPU already installed. Given our PC memory and the engineering sample CPU with it’s unlocked multiplier it was trivial to test the claim. The Asus CD is excellent containing all the drivers asus p4b the board, applications and read asus p4b for the hardware.

The Pentium 4 Goes Mainstream

Sandra lets us check that the host chipset is letting the CPU perform properly with the 2 CPU benchmarks plus a quick look at the theoretical memory bandwidth of asus p4b system.


Asus p4b a quick rundown of a few results.

The P4 is effectively throttled and it will stall while waiting for data from system memory, reducing it’s effective IPC and therefore performance. It wouldn’t boot at 16x multiplier and Mhz FSB. So why starve the P4 of what it craves? The means all P4 Socket sinks are guaranteed to always fit so there will be no questions like on some AMD boards when using 80mm sinks like the Alpha and Swiftech’s famous MC range.

The ATX12 connector is underneath the socket enclosure to asus p4b left of the AGP slot and is the standard 2×2 connector that Intel defined in their spec. Loyd Case came to computing asus p4b way of physical asus p4b. They want a Pentium 4 on every desk and in every home and quite rightly so. By default the board ships in JumperFree mode however it can be disabled for a more hands on jumper and DIP adjustment method if you so desire.

Asus p4b answer in the case of the P4B and it’s asus p4b chipset is yes. Like Abit and SoftMenu III, Asus p4b have a technology of their own that allows adjustment of motherboard settings without using dip switch blocks and jumpers, called JumperFree.