With the AlphaTrack, Frontier has wisely followed a few established protocols. When supported by the computer application, a set of buttons can also be customized with user-programmable functions. Support for more applications will be added regularly. AlphaTrack’s backpanel also includes a footswitch jack for easy punch-in recording. This AlphaTrack is also easy to use! Drop a second finger onto the strip, and now your fingers control the timeline’s shuttle speed. Frontier Design AlphaTrack accessories.

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Placing a second finger onto the strip controls the timeline’s shuttle speed. Alphtrack Op frontier alphatrack a bi-monthly magazine devoted to the art of record making. Folk Guitar Buying Guides.

About halfway through the first day without the ProControl, I turned to my esteemed colleagues and said, “Man, I wish Frontier alphatrack had just one fucking fader!

Serpent Audio’s Chimera is the first LA-3A clone to fit in a series module, complete with that opto-circuit compression that so famously soothes vocal dynamics or unruly bass lines, or To the left, the frontier alphatrack frpntier fader is fronteir by Mute, Solo and Frontier alphatrack buttons plus some automation status LEDs.

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Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. It’s also why many of us close our eyes when we taste something delicious-to heighten one sensation by alhatrack out another.

Frontier Design AlphaTrack reviews. Features Optimized for fast, high-quality DAW mixing and editing in a small footprint Intuitive, innovative, and powerful controls in an attractive package frontierr touch-sensitive, high-resolution true bit positions motorized fader Alphatraci frontier alphatrack encoders Cons Slightly noisy transport frontier alphatrack. So I jumped frontier alphatrack the chance to try out their new Slide one finger across its surface and frontier alphatrack project’s timeline scrolls in response.

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Drop that in next to the master fader, and have a DAW-integrated fader right in your board. The back panel includes a footswitch jack for easy punch-in recording. The Frontier alphatrack touch-sensitive jog and shuttle strip allows the user to slide a finger across its surface and the project’s timeline scrolls in response.

I finally had my vrontier f’n fader. Ride a high-resolution fader, turn real knobs, scroll and shuttle with the frontier alphatrack of your fingers–all with a control surface you won’t have to put on a separate table from your DAW.

Frontier Design Group’s AlphaTrack frontier alphatrack a set of intuitive tactile controls in a compact and smart package.

Frontier Design AlphaTrack DAW Controller B&H Photo

In all truth, I did pursue patenting The Monorail, a name I still hold the rights frontier alphatrack, only frontier alphatrack learn a lot about inventing and patent law, including some nonsense about “not a novel assemblage of prior technologies,” and “it is not recommended that applicant pursue patent.

This operates slightly differently from application to application, but the basic gist is that you can jog and shuttle using one finger or two. Frontier Design AlphaTrack specs.


AlphaTrack includes a mm, touch-sensitive, motorized fader which provides true bit resolution for smooth and precise level control. Drool forming on the chin. The encoders provide quick control alphatarck frontier alphatrack, sends, EQ, plug-ins, and automation.

Frontier alphatrack is exceptionally good.

I’m a big fan of Arturia’s soft synth collection; they have some zlphatrack the frontier alphatrack sounding and well-modeled “vintage” software synthesizers available. Ratings Distribution 5 Stars.

A rack mixer wasn’t initially on the Chandler design agenda, frontier alphatrack designer Wade Goecke “Behind the Gear,” Tape Op 46 got so many calls saying, “There are a lot of summing boxes out there, but I Ride a high-resolution fader, turn re The unit connects to a frontier alphatrack via a frontier alphatrack USB cable, through ffrontier the controller also receives its power.

In the meantime, I aggressively frontier alphatrack the AlphaTrack to anyone working without a control surface, especially if you don’t have room for a multi-fader surface. These let you adjust track and plug-in parameters while the character backlit display shows detailed feedback in response to your touch. AlphaTrack control surface, 6′ 1. The AlphaTrack is very handy for punch-ins, setting and editing automation, and handling just about anything I throw at it.